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How to Style Formal Shirts for Men for College
College Shirt

How to Style Formal Shirts for Men for College

When it comes to college outfits, a formal shirt is an evergreen option. Untucked and worn with shorts, as suggested by Dr. Ranjan Ghosh of Good Karma, it can give you the casual look. Paired with chinos or tailored pants, a blazer, and a tie, the same shirt makes you look like a future CEO. Manifesting, perhaps?

Aditya Moni, a photographer, says that depending on the shirt, you can pair them with suspenders, badges or lapel pins. He adds that a funky tie, like the ducky tie Barney wore in How I Met Your Mother, gives a touch of cool to every fit. Experts also suggest that you style them with a sweater or a cardigan to get that Remus Lupin or British nerd look for timeless charm, making it a sustainable styling option. 

From different tucks to accessories and the right pants, all can come together to create a variety of looks from the same formal shirts. Let’s get cracking on how to style your men formal shirts for all of those college events, starting with the…

College Fest:

One of the highlights of a man’s college career is the place where friendships and networks are made. You gain valuable skills and make memories that last a lifetime. 

With how much Bollywood has been pushing this event, today’s young men want to put their best foot forward every fest. 

The key to that? 

A nice eco-friendly and ethical Giza cotton or linen shirt that can help you beat the heat and dance through the night, while also shouldering the weight of event organization. Channel your inner Paxton with some thrifted jeans or formal pants and a funky tie. To go for an even more laid-back look, why don’t we try and ditch the tie and pop open that collar? Throw on some sneakers and you are ready to take the dance floor. 

And of course, where do you dance more than at…


Whether you call it homecoming or prom, most modern colleges have one. While this is similar to the fest and you can definitely rock the casual look with your formal shirt, many would say this event calls for a more, classic, timeless look. 

A tuxedo with a dress shirt or a suit with a linen shirt perhaps, that you can mix and match for your graduation? Or a linen blazer, paired with a formal shirt and some plant-based and eco-friendly dress shoes. You can add a pocket square and a lapel pin to jazz up the look. However, your date or friends might like you to match their fit. 

(Psst…the 1940s Indian look is going to be taking the internet by storm soon, so maybe get some suspenders?) 

Every Doctor Who and Bridgeton fan knows the importance of a good top hat if you are going for a Victorian-themed event…but where will you use these accessories? It's not like your friends won’t tease you if you dress as the Greatest Showman for your…

But well, college is a time for experimentation. So go on, find your fit! And if this was too specific, then…

Everyday Wear

We have spoken about how you can style a formal shirt casually using the power of the French tuck and the half tuck. You can pair it with a T-shirt underneath, especially if you have a plaid textured shirt. Throw on a sweater or cardigan to keep the chill away, creating the English schoolboy look. 

All these looks are the building blocks of your personal style, so don’t hesitate to find out what you are comfortable wearing every day, whether it be by thrifting, shopping sustainably like getting ethically made bamboo shirts or factory discards, or swapping with friends. After all, it is all leading up to…

Graduation and the Formal Shirt You Need For It

The big day that every student looks forward to deserves a fit that is just as special, don’t you think? 

While many graduates opt for the traditional kurta or a Nehru jacket on their big day, others wish to pair the cape and gown with a suit and tie. Or even a tuxedo. And what’s a tux without a dress shirt? Incomplete. 

Add some sustainability to your suit by getting a linen, lyocell, or organic cotton shirt made to fit your style and undertones. Or you can add some suspenders and emulate Matt Smith’s Doctor. Even Ten’s signature brown suit with sneakers had a shirt underneath to convey that the character meant business. And if there’s one thing every graduate means, it is business. 

Job Interview And Versatile Office Shirts 

One of the most important events in the life of a college senior is placement day. Dressing sharply for your interview can help you make a great first impression. Now, what you wear for an interview depends on several factors like the position you are applying for, the company and college’s dress codes, and the vibe you want to present. 

Yet, in a fix, you can always go for the classic eco-friendly white shirt paired with a tie and a blazer set. If you wish to opt for more planet-friendly fabrics, try and find something in linen, TENCEL, organic cotton or sustainable bamboo. Hemp, while expensive and rare, could be effective in communicating where you stand on environmental issues to the trained recruiter. Add some nice polished dress shoes, a plant-based belt, and a pen. Now, you are ready to bag that job. 

What is the blazer going to do though? Sit in your cupboard, or be reused for your…

Visa Interview

While you can definitely reuse your formal look from the job interview for the visa interview, there are a few key differences. For the visa, we would opt for a pair of professional formal shoes and a subdued blazer set with a comfortable formal shirt. You want to look sharp yet respectful and resourceful in this one, after all. It isn’t a viva, my dude. But wait, did we cover what to wear for that?

Viva Presentation

While many go for tees for these, you can align your look with the topic you want to present. Or, you can go for the timeless combination of a printed tie, a formal shirt, and some chinos for an effortless look. 

Personally, nothing beats a sustainable and ethical white shirt, trousers, and suspenders. Just opt for a shirt in a comfortable fabric like linen that gives you space to move around and present. Keep it crisp and not so loud that it drowns out your voice. 

At the end of the day, all these are mere suggestions. You make your own style. Loving those styles enough to repair and mend your low-impact formal shirt for college, when needed or repurpose or restyle it when the time comes, is what makes a formal shirt truly sustainable. 

Sure, some fabrics like polyester have a higher impact than others, which is why we won’t be continuing our no-stain polyester shirts until we can make them green.  Yet, at the end of the day, it’s all about the complete lifecycle of the shirt. Just like college is all about holistic education and not your major alone. 

Go get that degree, boss!

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