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Skyline Stripe Shirt in Light Blue - The Formal Club
Zephyr Check Shirt In Red Blue - The Formal Club
Swiss Finish Giza Cotton Shirt In Pastel Aqua
Ashley Half Sleeve Giza Cotton Shirt In Snowflake
Skyline Stripe Shirt In Blue
Swiss Finish Giza Cotton Shirt In Pastel Pink
Serenity Giza Shirt In Blue Flakes
Swiss Finish Giza Cotton Shirt In White
Swiss Finish Giza Cotton Shirt In Cream

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Save Rs. 400.00 Eclipse Twill Stripe Shirt In White And Blue Slim Fit - The Formal Club Eclipse Twill Stripe Shirt In White And Blue Slim Fit - The Formal Club
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Save Rs. 400.00 Eclipse Twill Dobby Check Shirt In Turquoise Regular Fit - The Formal Club Eclipse Twill Dobby Check Shirt In Turquoise Regular Fit - The Formal Club
New Arrival
Save Rs. 400.00 Eclipse Twill Check Shirt In Blue  Slim Fit - The Formal Club Eclipse Twill Check Shirt In Blue  Slim Fit - The Formal Club

Check Out Our Bamboo Shirts Collection


We at The Formal Club care about your shopping experience! We focus on offering the newest, coolest shirt that are also good for the environment. Our new line of shirts is made from bamboo fabric, which is super comfy and eco-friendly. This means they're good for you and the planet!

What Are the Benefits of Bamboo Shirts?

  • Unparalleled Breathability: A naturally porous characteristic of bamboo fibers enables effective air circulation between the skin and the material, which makes them a prime candidate for moisture-wicking properties. With this in mind, you are always effortlessly cool throughout the hottest of the days on bar the most physical activities. No more trying to beat the sweat-soaked shirt it was, now it’s time for a refreshing and dry feel splash.
  • Softness Beyond Compare: The greatest silver lining of Bamboo fabric shirts has to be its softness which is just unlike anything else. They are not only extremely soft to the touch, but their texture is comparable to the finest cashmere material that is on the market. However, the only way you can appreciate the comfort that these shirts offer is to wear one for yourself. Bamboo’s soft strokes against your own body will make you cherish just these fabrics and never want to come back to dominant, abrasive ones.
  • Durability and Resilience: The ingenuity of bamboo lies in its extraordinary softness being assigned to the material which is very strong and tenacious at the same time. Due to bamboo fibers’ smooth texture, switch to these shirts to stay wrinkle- and pill-free. They will remain durable and reliable until the very last wear! Nothing is more advantageous in the fashion industry today than when you make investments that will ensure that you get long-lasting and timeless style shirts.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bamboo Shirts

  • Advantages: On the plus side, bamboo is a renewable resource that grows quickly and requires minimal pesticides. The fabric itself is very soft and breathable, making it ideal for sensitive skin and hot weather. Bamboo shirts are also naturally moisture-wicking, keeping you cooler and drier than cotton.
  • Disadvantages: However, there are some drawbacks to keep in mind. The processing of bamboo into fabric can be chemically intensive, negating some of the environmental benefits. Bamboo clothing can also be more expensive than cotton and may shrink or pill more easily.

Things to Consider When Buying a Bamboo Shirt

When you are shopping for a Bamboo shirts mens, be sure to note down fabric blend information. If you want to get the most out of your bamboo shirt, try and aim for 100% fiber or so. However, take into cognizance how the size, style, as well as subject, will affect you in making the right pick.


As you plan your work-week outfits or prepare for your weekend leisure, our collection of sharp and formal shirts for the office, as well as relaxed and casual choices for leisure, allows you to choose what you like.

Care Instructions for Bamboo Shirts

To extend the life of your Bamboo shirts and preserve their quality, follow these care instructions:


  • Wash in cold water and do not iron while drying to reduce chances of damage.
  • Hang or flat-lay tumbler for drying.
  • Try ironing on the low / low setting to help in this regard.
  • To avoid exposure to sunlight or heat, consume plenty of water before and during the activity.

How Sustainable is Bamboo Clothing?


Bamboo clothing's sustainability is a mixed bag. The bamboo plant itself is a great renewable resource. It grows quickly, requires minimal water and fertilizer, and even helps rebuild degraded soil. Plus, bamboo is biodegradable once you're done with the clothes. However, the process of turning bamboo into fabric can be harsh.