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Skyline Stripe Shirt in Light Blue - The Formal Club
Zephyr Check Shirt In Red Blue - The Formal Club
Swiss Finish Giza Cotton Shirt In Pastel Aqua
Ashley Half Sleeve Giza Cotton Shirt In Snowflake
Skyline Stripe Shirt In Blue
Swiss Finish Giza Cotton Shirt In Pastel Pink
Serenity Giza Shirt In Blue Flakes
Swiss Finish Giza Cotton Shirt In White
Swiss Finish Giza Cotton Shirt In Cream

About Us

Welcome to TheFormalClub, a brand committed to inspiring young Indians to be more productive and responsible through our high-quality and affordable formal shirts. As India's economy continues to grow, it's essential to have a generation that operates with increased productivity to reach the country's $5 trillion economy target. Our goal is to help shape the future of India's economy by providing exceptional formal shirts that encourage increased productivity.

As a shirt manufacturing company, we stand by our commitment to producing limited and exclusive shirt collections in small batches. We believe this helps reduce the pressure on our planet (unlike fast fashion) and prevents millions of tons of excess inventory from filling landfills worldwide. We prioritize sustainability and ethical sourcing, ensuring that our products are as good for the planet as they are for your wardrobe.

In order to create a TFC shirt of excellent quality, the company handles only the very finest fibres, woven in India, such as cotton and linen, along with blends of top-quality natural fibres from Arvind Mills. Our designers are from NIFT, and we prioritize design before sourcing, not the other way around. It takes more than 70 minutes and 50 processing steps to create a TFC shirt; more than 35 individual parts are assembled with as many as 8.5 stitches per centimeters, ensuring the highest level of stability and strength over time. All our designs are inspired by classical trends and backed by data, ensuring that our formal shirts are of exceptional value without compromising on tailoring techniques and fabric materials. We believe there are no shortcuts to producing fine-tailored shirts.

At TheFormalClub, we believe in CHARITABLE GIVING. Ratnesh and Vanshita, our founders, are proud supporters of multiple NGOs, and we always look for opportunities to give back to society. We hope that through our commitment to ethical sourcing, limited production, and charitable giving, we can inspire our customers to be responsible and productive members of society.

Join TheFormalClub today and experience exceptional formal shirts that inspire productivity and responsibility while being environmentally friendly and sustainable.