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Skyline Stripe Shirt in Light Blue - The Formal Club
Zephyr Check Shirt In Red Blue - The Formal Club
Swiss Finish Giza Cotton Shirt In Pastel Aqua
Ashley Half Sleeve Giza Cotton Shirt In Snowflake
Skyline Stripe Shirt In Blue
Swiss Finish Giza Cotton Shirt In Pastel Pink
Serenity Giza Shirt In Blue Flakes
Swiss Finish Giza Cotton Shirt In White
Swiss Finish Giza Cotton Shirt In Cream

Our Story

After working abroad for almost a decade, the data analytics couple Ratnesh and Vanshita, made the decision to return to India and leave their foreign job in 2020. The pandemic caused their merchandise to be carried with significant delays, and after a few weeks they discovered they were severely short on possessions, with clothing at the top of the list. The value and importance of everyday wear matters a lot but what they analysed that menswear fashion trends can come and go over the years – there’s one item of clothing that every man should keep refreshed. Priceless in value and an essential for the various events, nothing is quite as important as a great formal shirt. They did extensive researched and browsed the internet, but they were disappointed by what they found. India is the world's largest producer and exporter of garments; however, the shirts are actually rather expensive or in some case at the same price as foreign countries.  Then they started researching whether there might be a better possibility and whether anything could be done to make the situation better. So it all started with a question. How can we do the best for the people around us? 

They scrapped together all their savings, just enough to start up this brand based in India.  For months, they travelled around and met different factories owners for sourcing the finest materials to ensure we deliver the absolute highest quality at a reasonable price point.  And that gave birth to the Indian brand – The Formal Club.

We Create Thoughtful Shirts That Are Worth Wearing.

The shirts we wear on a daily basis say something about the people we are. We all know the importance of First Impression and how we should never underestimate the power of good shirt. Every man should be able to pull out a great fitting, comfortable and elegant formal shirt, and the powerful statement you make by being well dressed is one of the key reasons why getting it right with shirting is important. Perfect sizing, an appropriate fit and high-quality materials all come together in our formal shirt which boost up our natural confidence when we walk into a room.

We Focus on Value, Durability, and a Reasonability.

A formal shirt is a staple no matter what you do for work, or where you live in the country. All our shirts are based in value-driven design and quality manufacturing. All of us make a statement every time we buy something. We vote with our Shirts. It’s our belief that value is more than just saving a few bucks - true value lies at the intersection of something made well for a fair price, created in way that supports those who made it. P.S – There are almost 8 individuals working together to cut and sew each shirt you hold.

We Are All Products of Our Environment. Let’s Cultivate the best One We Can.

A perfect formal shirt is probably one of the most valuable items in your clothing collection. While we can’t afford to be replacing formal shirts as frequently as you’d replace a simple t-shirt, a high-quality formal shirt has the longevity to last. With that in mind we urge everyone either donate or recycle any clothing which are no longer in use.

@The Formal Club Community:

With each shirt we sell, we hope to strengthen the community of individuals who take care of one another and their families and communities. We firmly believe in equality for all. We believe in putting others first. We are a forward-thinking company that shares the ideals and values of both our local community and all of India.