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How to Wear a Formal Shirt Casually?
Formal Shirt

How to Wear a Formal Shirt Casually?

Formal shirts are a classic staple in every wardrobe. Whether you present and dress masc or fem, a formal shirt can give you a professional look. Yet, its true sustainability lies in its versatility, because the same office wear shirt can be styled to be the casual outfit for a date, a party, or another casual outing with your buddies.

In this blog, we will share tips we have gathered to turn your office shirt into the casual fit of the day you need.

Styling Tips to Turn Your Formal Shirt Casual

1. Roll up sleeves:

If there’s one thing men everywhere can agree is that rolled up sleeves are the quickest way to turn your formal shirt casual and sexy. Just remember, rolling them up is a much messier look than the cuffed sleeves, which is what gives the relaxing brunch like vibe that a casual outfit often demands.

But say you wish to cement that you are hanging out with your buddy, then there is more you can do. For example, Anuraag Chatterjee recommends that you…

2. Undo the collar button:

Whether it is just the collar button or even the first few buttons, Shubhr Aakriti says that depending on the shirt, this can totally change your look. If you want to present more fem, Vishaka Chowdhury says, that you can leave all the shirt buttons open.

Time to show off the cami you are wearing underneath! For a more masculine look, you can layer a tee under your unbuttoned shirt, efficiently styling it like a plaid jacket…just without the plaid. Of course, this works better for Solid Color Shirts.

Still, looking for the wow factor to jazz up the look? Well, then…

It’s all about that tuck

Parker York Smith is the master of using this method to change your look. There are some methods that you can use to make your office shirt casual, as long as your pair them with rolled sleeves and open necks.

1. French Tuck

The French tuck can work with full sleeves as well as rolled up sleeves. Made popular by Tan France, this requires a slightly oversized shirt but you can try to pull it off with your regular shirt. Essentially, you tuck the front part of the shirt in and the sides too, but leave the back out to exclude cool.

And if you wish to go for a more eased out look, you can always…

2. Untuck

The easiest way to transform from a 9-5 entrepreneur to a casual guy hanging out in the library or café is to untuck your shirt. Just remember, this look can turn sloppy fast, so be careful with the pants you pair them with.

3. Half Tuck

This is very in at the current moment. Simply you need to tuck in half of your shirt and let the other bit hang loose. For a masc look, Parker recommends right is traditional to tuck in, but you do you.

But say, you feel a half tuck is sloppy, what can you do then?

4. Full Tuck and Military Tuck

While most people would associate the full tuck with an official look, it is traditionally nerdy and dorky. Yes, it can look very formal with a tie, but if you add sports shoes and looses the tie alongside rolled up sleeves, this can make you look more James Potter than Jim Halpert.

And if you decide to get a shirt that’s a little larger than usual, a military tuck with some of the back loose can make you extremely cool.

Okay. We have gone through how to wear your shirt. Yet, if you have the option to change out of your office trousers and pants, here are some ways you can take your outfit from Dwight in The Office to Lucifer from well, the show Lucifer.

Pair the Pants

The classic option is of course a pair of denim jeans. To make them sustainable, you can get upcycled or thrifted pieces. There are other eco-friendly options as well, such as factory discards and swaps. Yet, jeans aren’t the only pants that can make a formal shirt look casual.


While some experts recommend beach shorts, we disagree. Unless that’s your style, we would recommend something more like chinos. They reduce the need for fabric and give a pant like look, without being as skin tight as jeans or leather pants, allowing your legs to breathe. Who doesn’t need that?

But say you want a more feminine look, then what? Well, then you can do a lot, such as…

Jeans and Shorts

Jeans and shorts with a half-tucked in shirt are a classic look, that when paired with sunglasses can make you look like a bawse. Add some chic shoes to finish the look maybe? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Yet, if jeans and shorts aren’t your vibe, or perhaps you want to look Indian traditional then, there’s always the age-old combination of a formal upcycled or vegan silk shirt with…

A Skirt

While long skirts work best for an Indian traditional look, if you are heading for the girl-next-door everyday vibe, both short and long skirts work very well when paired with a formal shirt, depending on the tuck you have chosen and the accessories. This is one of those looks that with a pencil skirt is perfect for the office, while with a long skirt can give you a comely vibe.

Jogging Trousers

Another option is to go for jogging trousers and jeggings, which can give a effortlessly cool look to your formal shirt. We recommend a half tuck again or even untucked, but you do you!

Now, we are nearing the end of the blog, but it would be remiss to forget one look. And that is a shirt dress. Just a add a belt to your slightly oversized formal shirt or even a men’s formal shirt that isn’t too baggy on you and you have a dress. Add some danglers, pop open the top button, get chic shoes, and you have the perfect look to go shopping with your best mate.

Which of these looks are you eager to try? Let us know in the comments. To get sustainable Giza cotton or linen shirts, head over to The Formal Club.

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