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Finding the Right Colour: How Undertones Can Help You Pick the Right Formal Shirt
Formal Shirt

Finding the Right Colour: How Undertones Can Help You Pick the Right Formal Shirt

Finding the right formal shirt for yourself can be a Herculean task. After all, how many times have you gone shopping with your partner or a friend and have finally found an office shirt you like only to have them say it doesn’t suit you?

From one formal shirt making you look “washed out” to another option being too “chic” to be worn to meetings, the issues might seem endless. Well, there’s no denying that you must always wear what makes you feel confident and comfortable. However, if you wish to go one step beyond and ace your fashion game by grabbing the perfect formal shirt, here's a secret: undertones.

What are Undertones?

According to Good Housekeeping, undertones are essentially the hues and tones that are prominent in one’s skin colour. For the purpose of picking shirts, undertones are the secret to knowing what colours look good on your skin. For best results, pair your knowledge of undertones with complexion grades, the brightness of your skin, and sometimes even occasion.

When in a rush, this knowledge can be especially helpful in narrowing down which range of colours you should be going for. There are three common undertones, which you can recognise using various methods. In this blog, we will utilise the method of using your vein colour.

The logic behind undertones and the colours you should wear based on them isn't an exact science and can vary depending on your unique complexion. This article focuses on the undertones of the wheatish skin tone of Indian men; though the guidelines shared here can work for other skin tones too at times. Yet, if you want to know which colours pair best with darker or lighter skin tones, you can check out our upcoming blogs on undertones.

Let's start colour matching with…

The Best Formal Shirt Colours for Warm Undertones

Green veins, according to some experts, are indicators of your complexion’s warm undertone due to the gold hues present in the skin. If you notice green or olive veins on your neck and wrist, then this section is for you. While most assume that those with wheatish skin have warm undertones, it is always advised to skip stereotypes and check your own veins.

Say, you do have warm undertones, then you should go for formal shirts in colours such as brown and olive. If you're looking for a pop of colour, you can experiment with yellow and peach options for special events or even as officewear. Go for shades that have earthy undertones in themselves to complement yours. For example, you can look at grass-coloured shirts or fern or mint green. Essentially, when buying formal shirts for this undertone, you can consider clothing with red and yellow bases.

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For a more classic look, you can rock white and black shirts. After all, who doesn't want to look like James Bond?

Wondering what tie to pair with these formal shirts you are getting? Or what material will best serve the eco-warrior in you? Stay tuned to our upcoming blogs.

This pairing insight was for those with Hulk-like veins, but what if you're like Apocalypse or Thanos? Then you must be in the hunt for…

Best Formal Shirts for Cool Undertones

Blue or purple veins are indicative of your complexion’s cool undertone. Thanos knew what he was doing with the Infinity Gauntlet, my dude. Jewel tones such as emerald or ruby work best for cool undertones.

For Indian skin tones and cultural tastes, you can stick to reds that have a base in pinks for a pop of colour. However, the lighter pinks aren't most likely going to be the best choice for those with wheatish skin tone. Skincraft says the same for light purples. Instead, for those with blue or purple veins, your ideal colours range from dark greens to purple. This means the darker blues such as navy would look great on you. Pair shirts in these colours with black or white pants and you’re all set to command attention in any room.

While the traditional blacks and whites are more popular for formal occasions, Internet experts recommend you try grey or charcoal to stand out.

With me so far and still haven't found which colours work best for your formal shirts because you've got both green and blue veins?

Then you have what we call a…

Neutral Undertone

Hey there, my neutral undertone buddies! I have neutral undertones too. And while experts will tell you which colours to go for such as shades of white or pastels and which ones to avoid such as vibrant hues, for me, red looks best. The trick, in my non-colour expert opinion, is to wear what complements the majority of your veins. I have more green veins than purple ones, which means colours that can be paired with cool undertones can work well for me.

But what if you have an equal amount of both?

In that case, try colours such as the softer shades of peach, light olive, or warmer greys. For casual events where you want to dazzle, the old gold is your wingman. A more classical and formal look fan? You can always go for white or black shirts or any colour you prefer with a tie that pops. Mauve is another fashion-forward option you can experiment with.

What’s Next for Your Perfect Formal Shirt?

This is it for undertones, fellas.

Remember to pick colours that go with wheatish skin and your complexion’s specific undertone, such as copper for office parties. However, do remember the most important rule of all—that these rules matter way less than what makes you feel comfortable in your skin. After all, confidence is the ultimate game changer.

Regardless, knowing your complexion’s undertone and the colours that pair well with it can make shopping a lot less time consuming.

So, what do you think? Are undertones the secret fashion code cracker you've been looking for all along? Let us know in the comments! And if you want to try ethical and imperfectly eco-friendly formal shirts that work best for your skin tone, we, at The Formal Club, have just the items for your perusal.