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Skyline Stripe Shirt in Light Blue - The Formal Club
Zephyr Check Shirt In Red Blue - The Formal Club
Swiss Finish Giza Cotton Shirt In Pastel Aqua
Ashley Half Sleeve Giza Cotton Shirt In Snowflake
Skyline Stripe Shirt In Blue
Swiss Finish Giza Cotton Shirt In Pastel Pink
Serenity Giza Shirt In Blue Flakes
Swiss Finish Giza Cotton Shirt In White
Swiss Finish Giza Cotton Shirt In Cream

Pack of 4 Shirts

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Introduction to the Pack of 4 Shirts


Are you looking for stylish dress shirts that you can wear to work all the time? The Formal Club has a great deal for you! We are selling a pack of 4 shirts that look good together and are made well. These shirts are comfortable, stylish, and affordable, exactly what a modern professional needs!

Stylish Variety: Shirt Designs Included

This collection of shirts is all about looking sharp! We have a bunch of different styles to pick from, so it doesn't matter if you like plain white shirts or something with more color and design. No matter what your taste, there's a shirt here for any meticulous gentleman.


The pack includes:


  • The Crisp White Shirt: Pure and professional, this remarkable white dress shirt is an ageless must-have. Accessorize it with a suit for formal affairs and with chinos for smart-casual events.
  • The Striped Sophisticate: The shirt is simple, but the stripes add elegance to the whole thing you are wearing with it. Whether you are here for customer encounters or a nightcap, you are welcome.
  • The Bold Checkered Shirt: Those who enjoy a little dash of excitement will fall in love with this checkered beauty, and instant attraction is guaranteed. Turn on your charm at important presentations or social functions with total abandon.
  • The Subtle Pinstripe: This shirt is a stylish new take on the classic pinstripe design. It's both modern and traditional, so you can wear it to work or dress it up for a special occasion.  No matter where you wear it, you're sure to look great!

Value for Money: Benefits of Buying in Bulk

If you're a professional who cares about looking good, then getting a 4 shirt combo pack from The Formal Club might be a smart choice. These packs give you a variety of shirts to wear for different events, but they're also a really good deal for your money.


Buying shirts in bulk can save you money in two ways. First, you'll get them for a lower price per shirt than if you bought them one at a time. Think about it like buying candy in bulk - you get more for your money! Second, you'll have a whole bunch of shirts you can wear, so you won't have to worry about putting together outfits every day.


How Do I Choose the Right Size?

To achieve an ideal fit and the most comfortable experience, The Formal Club follows a detailed sizing guide. Just look at the size chart, which has all the measurements required, like chest, sleeve length, and overall shirt length.


Don't worry if you're not sure what size to get, or if you want a shirt that fits a certain way. The store has friendly customer service people who can help! They'll be happy to chat with you and find the perfect size for you, so your shirt looks great and feels comfy.


The Formal Club is selling a special package of 4 shirt combo that will make you look professional and stylish! These high-quality shirts will help you look your best wherever you go. Visit their website today to see their amazing designs and add some flair to your wardrobe!