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Skyline Stripe Shirt in Light Blue - The Formal Club
Zephyr Check Shirt In Red Blue - The Formal Club
Swiss Finish Giza Cotton Shirt In Pastel Aqua
Ashley Half Sleeve Giza Cotton Shirt In Snowflake
Skyline Stripe Shirt In Blue
Swiss Finish Giza Cotton Shirt In Pastel Pink
Serenity Giza Shirt In Blue Flakes
Swiss Finish Giza Cotton Shirt In White
Swiss Finish Giza Cotton Shirt In Cream

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Save Rs. 2,100.00 Timber Flannel Green Check Shirt - The Formal Club Timber Flannel Green Check Shirt - The Formal Club
Timber Flannel Green Check Shirt Sale price Rs. 1,399.00 Regular priceRs. 3,499.00

What is a Flannel Shirt?


Flannel shirts for men are soft, medium-weight cotton fabrics that are fuzzy from the inside while finished from the outside. This helps to warm the individual who has decided to wear a flannel shirt during the harshest of cold climates.

Explore the Benefits of Wearing Stylish Best Flannel Shirts for Men

Flannel shirts are kept in the highest regard when it comes to choosing apparel for winter. However, depending on the material used to manufacture flannel shirts, they can worn during any season comfortably instead of purchasing one in the winter when the demand for flannel shirts increases.


You can place your orders in the summer itself when there are multiple offers placed on them at the formal club. 

Stay Warm & Stylish: Must-Have Flannel Shirts

\Men who want to keep themselves warm while maintaining their style and morality. For them, adding mens flannel shirts to their wardrobe might be the most popular option. It would help you stay cozy when the perfect knitted fabric touches your body. 

Flannel Fit Guide: Get That Comfortable Look

  • Experimenting with layers: One of the most widely popular factors that have brought flannel shirts to huge popularity is trying with multiple layers. You could either wear it with a t-shirt underneath, or you can tuck in your flannel shirt to make that office look perfect.
  • Adding a sports jacket: A sports jacket could be a wonderful choice when it comes to pairing an outfit with the best flannel shirts for men. Adding chinos or trousers could be more effective when trying out flannel shirts found at the formal club.


Flannel Shirt Buying Guide: What to Look for When Shopping


  • Durability: The most common quality to look for when buying a flannel shirt is its durability because people might not be interested in purchasing clothes frequently due to poor quality. 
  • Warmth: Make sure the flannel shirt you have chosen is keeping you warm by regulating heat over your body. This would allow you to understand the quality of the fabric used for designing the flannel shirt.