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How to Repurpose Your Formal Shirts for the Beach: What to Wear in Goa
Formal Shirt

How to Repurpose Your Formal Shirts for the Beach: What to Wear in Goa

What's your friends’ Goa trip? That ZNMD style bromance (or ‘friendmance’ if you don't identify as a man?)

There it's just you, your tribe, and the open road. The wind rushing through your hair has never felt better and you can taste relaxation and freedom from the everyday grind.

Bas parents manjaye, am I right?

Except it's not just that. After the parental units agree, there are tickets to be booked, hotels to find, getting leaves from work, and so much more. What gets missed in this rush is your Goa suitcase.

Now you may say, bhai beach hai, kya hi pahenge? But style-forward people often have a curated wardrobe that brings out their Hrithik Roshan on trips.

Yet, is that truly sustainable? To get new trending clothing just for a weekend?

No. It's not.

What's the solution then? Simple! Try to curate a wardrobe that reflects your style and has versatile items that can serve as both formal and vacation wear. Aka printed sustainable office wear shirts.

Wait, what? How can your formal shirt serve as a beach shirt?

Well, that's what we are here for.

Outfit Ideas For Vacation Shirts from Formal Shirts

Pair your formal shirt with shorts to make it vacation wear

Dr Ranjan Ghosh of Good Karma suggests khaki or cargo shorts can make your vacation look hip. A sustainably printed vacation shirt is a great addition to the wardrobe of the fashion-forward person, especially if you love to travel as we already mentioned. And you can wear it with a blazer to office parties too, getting the maximum out of your product.

There are various ways to style it. You can wear it unbuttoned if you are comfortable and the laws of the land allow it. Or with a camisole or undershirt.

Another way to style it is...

Add a tee shirt underneath your formal shirt for a vacation look

Adding a solid tee under your printed shirt and pairing that with shorts or denims?

It can make your resort look, though we strongly suggest shorts for the beach.

Or just the shirt over your bikini for those who can dress feminine. The most popular of these styles is where you wear a...

Classic White Formal Shirt

Made of a light material, these white formal shirts are the best for the beach. While you cannot go swimming in cotton, wearing it as a cover on your bikini or with shorts for a masc look can turn your office shirt into a vacay or beach shirt with almost no effort.

To turn the same into a resort shirt, pair it with black or colorful shorts, and add sunglasses and a hat. You can always look at Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl in the Hamptons for inspiration. And yes, despite his look being masc, it is a classic look for almost everyone.

After all accessories can make or break your look, which is why...

Accessorise it Right

Pair your formal-turned beach shirt with matching sustainable flip-flops. Dr Ghosh also suggests that you make sure all the colours of your printed beach shirt are spread throughout your outfit.

These were beach outfit ideas but what do you wear to the club? Because more often than not, it's not Goa without ripping apart the dance floor. The outfit for that can be anything you feel comfortable and beautiful in but here's what we and Pinterest fashion boards know works.

The Black Formal Shirt is Magical

A TENCEL black formal shirt paired with denims is the perfect look for your night out.

It gives life of the party, it gives sophistication.

Leave the top button open to slay. Pair with sneakers to dance all night, or heels if your feet can handle that. If you like makeup, a smokey eye with silver or gold accents, depending on your undertones, is the way to go.

Or you can simply wear a blazer with a tee for a more masc look and a LBD for a feminine presentation.

Still not satisfied? Well, there's more where all this came from. Do you perhaps want to try an...

Untucked striped shirt

Untucking your formal shirt can give casual vibes, especially if it is striped. Now more often than not, if they are far apart, stripes are seen as casual. Close stripes are formal but fashion rules are meant to be bent, right? What's more eco-friendly than reusing the same shirt in the office and at the club?

Or you can take your beach shirt and turn it into a killer clubbing fit.

Printed resort shirts

Pair them with denim or black pants and leave the shirt untucked. Add sunglasses and sneakers. After all, this outfit is interesting through colour, so you can skimp on texture and shape.

Though personally, I love the whole jacket half thrown on the shoulders or a nice scarf.

Finally, we will see what you can wear to a hotel or a live music event. You want to be classy there, which is why you can style...

A solid formal shirt with a bow tie

Tailored trousers, a bowtie, and a solid formal shirt gives that perfect anniversary vibe. If you aren't celebrating something momentous, then you can always skip the tie and replace the tailored pants with chinos or denim.

Cardigans and Scarf

For a simple yet elegant look, you can style like Tim Drake fanon styles the Junior Bat-Collared shirts under a cardigan. Add a scarf to give the outfit some ‘oomph and’ you're golden.

Do you want a more femme look for your Goa trip that's versatile and will fit most of these places? Pair your office shirt with a slit skirt or fitted bottoms and accessorize.

Or you can do what your cupboard gives. After all, that is more likely to be a style that reflects your values, personality, and comfort. Plus it's easy on the planet to use what you own.

So, Goa? Don't forget to tag The Formal Club in your pictures. And if you happen to need an imperfectly eco-friendly and 100% ethical and versatile formal shirts for men, we are ever at your service.

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