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The Art of the Collar: Different Shirt Collar Styles Explained
Shirt Collar

The Art of the Collar: Different Shirt Collar Styles Explained

The collar is the main part of any shirt’s style. Its style contributes to the aesthetic together with functionality as well. The collar of a shirt is undoubtedly a small thing but it can become a mighty tool which helps you change your general appearance.

The neckpiece frames the face and brings the eyes to the upward movement. The collar which does not fit well looks messy and the wrong style poorly fits into the whole outfit. Yet, a perfect-fitting collar brings out the features with the best appearance.

From business formals to casual scenarios, several collars are designed to attend varied needs. This is a detailed guide covering collar artistry from all angles, highlighting the contrasts that make every type unique.

Different Shirt Collar Styles

1. Straight Point Collar


  • Wide turndown collar shape
  • Best suited for formal settings
  • Works well with or without a necktie
  • Pair with a four-in-hand knot when wearing a necktie

Sharp and narrow points to the collar for a slimming effect for various face shapes. The broad collar covers more of the neck, giving the more formal appearance. Additionally, a broad collar allows more room for thick and wide neckties.

Where necessary, you can make a long neck appear shorter by wearing a wide collar, and vice versa with a short neck being made to look longer with a narrow collar. The collar importance cannot be stressed enough since the perfect shirt collar frames a man’s face, compliments his face shape, and completes the look.

It has traditionally been used for formal and social occasions and works well worn with medium-sized ties as compared to left open.

2. Cutaway Collar

Cutaway Collar


  • Wide collar shape
  • Best suited for formal settings
  • Works well with or without a necktie
  • Pair with a Windsor knot when wearing a necktie

The term “cutaway collar” is an internationally accepted style and refers to the way that the tips of the collar are “cutaway” to the sides. Some designs vary in how extreme the tips cutaway towards the back of the neck, for example there can be names such as the “semi-cutaway”, “full cutaway” or “extreme cutaway” for formal shirts.

The tips usually are pulled back enough to be able to view the necktie knot. It is seen more frequently in Europe, with or without a necktie. It tends to be a popular collar to pair with a thickly padded and wide necktie, which are then therefore fully displayed in the large gap in between the collar tips.

Cutaway collars boast broader, acute-angled tips that extend outward. Their elongated triangular points sweep away from one's neckline, amplifying the collar's visual impact. Such dramatic silhouettes lend shirts assertive, fashionable flairs apt for confident, daring personalities.

Cutaways accentuate ties' knots, augmenting their prominence as an appreciated detail for necktie enthusiasts.

3. Button Down Collar

Button Down Collar

Button down collars represent an iconic American style, distinguished by the addition of small buttons at the collar points. This classic touch adds a touch of elegance and refinement to the shirt, making it suitable for both formal and casual occasions.

These collars are meticulously designed to uphold the shirt's crispness and structure, preventing any undesirable flapping or spreading. Whether buttoned for a polished appearance or left unfastened for a more relaxed vibe, button-down collars effortlessly adapt to various dress codes.

Their versatility shines through as they seamlessly complement both formal attire with a tied necktie and casual ensembles without one. With their timeless appeal and practical design, button down collars remain a wardrobe staple cherished by many for their ability to effortlessly elevate any look.

4. Mandarin Band Collars

Mandarin Band Collars Shirts

Mandarin band collar shirts ooze relaxed refinement thanks to their collarless necklines shaped into simple fabric bands. Without stiffly constructed points, this option skews distinctly casual, though it maintains polish through clean, unfussy lines.

Band collars frequent summer formalwear like linen suits, blending effortless style comfort. They evoke imagery of bronzed Mediterranean coastlines and tropical islands, projecting breezy elegance wherever worn.

5. The Cuban Collars

The Cuban Collars Shirts

Cuban collars (also dubbed revere or camp) radiate throwback 1950s-inspired sensibilities. Characterized by slender lapel-esque folds angling away from each button's placket, they evoke nostalgic vintage overtones.

Shirts sporting these whimsical pointed constructions complement slim retro leisurewear such as guayabera shirts or bowling attire. For nostalgics, Cuban collars inject irresistible mid-century suaveness into modern wardrobes.

6. The Wing Collar

The Wing Collar Shirts

Wing collars offer another historically rooted option. Their wings protrude outward in distinctive curved shapes, recalling 19th-century formalwear. Adorning tuxedo shirts at black-tie affairs, this ornate style evokes vintage glamour and nostalgia.

Stiffened collars create striking upright structures oozing sartorial grandeur. While not commonplace today, wing collars remain favored by attendees seeking old-world flair on exclusive occasions.

7. Tab Collars

Tab Collars

Clean, minimalist vibes emanate from tab collars. Their simple, unfussy appearance prioritizes sharpness over embellishment, producing timeless, uncluttered aesthetics. The small fabric rectangles (tabs) anchor each collar point, securing it in place.

This lends shirts a crisp, tailored persona ideal for cultivating streamlined, fashion-forward looks. Tab collars often feature casual or smart casual button-downs seamlessly transitioning across contexts.

8. Club Collars

Club Collars

Club collars exhibit a rounded, soft, unstructured construction, unlike stiffer alternatives. Frequently featuring on sports coats or casual outerwear, they've become iconic nods to easygoing lifestyles.

A signature detail comprises the petite hanging loop, allowing collar points to temporarily tuck into itself when unfastened. This quirky pocketed design touch grants an air of playful sprezzatura flair. Club collars feel most at home, underpinning leisurely dapper ensembles.

9. Shirt Collars

Many knits categorized under "shirt collars" skew ultra-casual slouchy compared to their woven counterparts. From polos and rugby shirts to henleys, all embrace soft, stretchable fabrics sporting different collar variations.

Polos feature iconic petite ribbed collars, while rugbies showcase wider flat designs. Henley collars plunge into half plackets, adding sporty touches. These cozy knitted options put comfort first, prioritizing laid-back livability over formality

10. Granddad Band Collars

Granddad Band Collars

Granddad band collars provide stylized twists inspired by traditional Chinese garments like tangzhuang jackets. Their seamless cylindrical constructions wrap entirely around one's neckline, creating smooth, uninterrupted fabric tubes.

Closely related mandarin collars share similar Eastern roots while featuring upright standing bands encircling necks. Both styles lend ensembles with exotic globalized undertones effortlessly integrating worldwide sartorial motifs.

11. Quintessential Dress Shirt Collar

The classical point collar decorates an incalculable number of dress shirts. Showcasing the sharp angular tip, which ends at neckline, it adds to its formal look. The spacing between the dots which can be farther causing the composition look more casual and closing the gaps results in a sharper, more formal way.

The universal collar goes well in all settings, from office atmosphere to evening events. Partner it with neckties to make a formal work look, or leave it open to bring in casual undertones.

12. Unstructured Casual Collars

Unstructured Casual Collars

Conversely, numerous casual shirts flaunt intentionally relaxed, unfastened collars lacking reinforced structures. Tendrils dangle softly, and shirttails remain billowy. These styles champion innate comfort above crisp formality.

Free-flowing yet still fashioned from premium materials, unstructured collars epitomize unhurried decadence. From linen resort shirts to cozy sweaters, this effortless aesthetic pervades casualwear realms, exuding ultimate leisure mindsets.

Collar Sizing & Fit Essentials

1. Finding the Ideal Collar Size

Properly fitted collars not only optimize comfort but enhance entire outfits' aesthetic polish. Firstly, assess neck circumferences, finding ideal shirt sizes. Collars should maintain slight stretches that are neither constricting nor billowing around necks.

Check placket gaps - overly gaping suggests downsizing; pinching warrants upsizing. Collar points ideally terminate between Adam's apple lower earlobes - more central indicates potential tightness discomfort. Examining collar rolls also reveals sizing accuracy.

2. Accommodating Full Spread Points

Broader, fuller faces accommodate roomier spread collars, better balancing facial proportions. Widespread points lend lengthening flattering effects, minimizing appearances of stockier necks/jawlines.

Ample spacing prevents stiff points from uncomfortably grazing cheeks during head motions. Broader shoulders/builds similarly complement exaggerated spread dimensions, maintaining stylistic cohesion throughout upper bodies.

3. Slender Necklines for Slimmer Frames

Those with leaner physiologies should aim for a trimmer, neater collar streamlining. Narrow, slim point spacing avoids overwhelming dainty faces and necks with excess fabric billowing.

Shorter collar point lengths will elongate appearing frames visually. Well-fitting collars enhance inherent slenderness rather than swamping delicate bone structures under excessive material.

4. Tempering Towering Collar Rollovers

While collar rolls are unavoidable as fabrics naturally rebound, excessive rollovers create suboptimal aesthetic distractions. Visible rollovers likely indicate overly snug collars that should be sized upward. Shorter, stubbier necks especially accentuate bulky rolls needing elimination.

Shirts with arched semi-spread collars generally exhibit graceful unfurling, keeping rolls discreet. Unlined collar constructions minimize rollovers compared to overly thick padded versions.

5. Custom Neckline Alterations

Off-the-rack limitations can sometimes necessitate tailored adjustments for optimal fits. Placing backlink shorteners removes nape area’s rags and excesses. Reconstruction of collars facilitates adjustment options for both spread dimensions and width heights to meet individual neck shape preferences.

Stretching the line gives the impression of extra slender figures. Dart tapering the neckline helps ease the problem of billowing and bunch up around Adam’s apples which results in more snug fit of shirts. Adequate neckline upgrades turn ordinary clothing into tailor-made marvellous costumes.

Selecting The Optimal Collar Style

When curating ensembles, judiciously selecting appropriate collar styles proves paramount for harmonizing aesthetics. Consider body types first – slender frames radiate best alongside trimmer collar dimensions; broader builds benefit from roomier ample proportions.

Face shapes influence suiting selections too; those with fuller circular faces often appear flattered by widespread point collars creating lengthening visual illusions. Conversely, narrower slim collar spacings generally complement angular sculpted jawlines.

One’s wardrobe versatility also sways ideal collar choices. More professional corporate looks pair exquisitely alongside crisp point club collars – effortless weekend casualwear favors laid-back camp cuban bandcollar designs.

The sartorially strategic gent assembles versatile collar assortments purposefully addressing any dress code scenario. Thoughtfully matched collar silhouettes pull entire outfits together – imparting cohesive finessed refinement ultimately elevating distinguished personal styles.

Collar Fabrics & Materials

1. Premium Piqué Perfection

Piqué knit polo collars have long reigned supreme for sport casual shirting. The refined cotton weave exhibits tiny raised parallel cords lending soft textures and visual depth. Superior piqué fibers ensure breathability, moisture-wicking, and optimal warm-weather performance.

Blended piqué compositions incorporate stretchable synthetics like polyester, amplifying shape recovery resilience. Whether classic solid hues or trending patterns, polos’ piqué ribs convey sporty erudition.

2. Collars of Luxury - Silk Twill

Epitomizing refinement, silk twill collars drape luxuriously, exuding indulgent sophistication. Gleaming lusters alternate between contrasting dull matte textures across the twill's iconic diagonal rib pattern.

The fine filament fibers produce a smooth hand feel while retaining substantive muscular structures. Impeccable durability withstands extended wear without fraying. Pure silk twills remain quintessential formal neckwear, conveying ultimate sartorial elegance.

3. Riveting Rib-Knits

Sporty ribbed collars compose the backbone of consummate casualwear wardrobes. Cotton polyester blends generate resilient stretchy textures, hugging necklines and preventing incessant re-adjustments.

Ribs allow collars to conform comfortably, alleviating collar stresses. Polos henleys raglan-sleeve tees commonly showcase ribbed trims accenting necklines. Varied colored striping cable braids insert modern, playful twists on classic ribbed collars.

4. Lavish Linen

For warm-climate sophistication, linen's breathable hand remains unsurpassed. The flax fiber’s hollow interiors facilitate superior airflow, keeping necks cool and composed. Slubbed linen textures’ appealing irregularities provide organic visuals complimenting clothing’s unfussed relaxed attitudes.

Creased wrinkle-resistant linens blend character longevity for effortless care. Collars constructed from premium linens effortlessly emanate understated luxuries amidst stifling summers.


Collars hold indelible significance beyond mere neckwear categorizations. Discerningly chosen, they amplify individualized identities and their presence stature. Commanding presence through perfectly composed necklines elevates empowered self-confidence presentations.

The art of collar connoisseurship transcends stylistic preferences, representing an entire existential ethos encapsulating personality, professional poise, and philosophical attitudes. Master the profound language of collars—the sartorial world remains utterly unfolded.

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