In the wake of the pandemic, many aspects of our lives transformed, including the world of formal wear. With remote work becoming the norm and hybrid models gaining traction. the lines between business formal and smart casual began to blur. Sensing this shift, we envisioned our emblematic logo:

The Centaur - This mythical creature, half-man and half-horse, embodies the essence of versatility and adaptability. This iconic figure represents the seamless integration of formal and smart casual attire, echoing today's workplace dynamics. Its spear stands as a symbol of productivity and the drive for responsible actions.

More than just a design, our Centaur logo embodies The Formal Club's dedication to evolving styles while upholding core values. It speaks to our brand's essence — harmoniously merging professionalism with comfort, productivity, and responsibility. As times change, our commitment to style and substance remains unwavering, encapsulated perfectly by our emblem.